Flash Game RPG & Adventure Games Street Fighter Legend of Ankatsuken 2
Street Fighter Legend of Ankatsuken 2


Street Fighter Legend of Ankatsuken Part 2 adventure flash game is out. You can play the Street Fighter LOA part 1 here. Street Fighter LOA is a RPG game that the plot revolves around the games Street Fighter and Street Fighter Alpha. You will get to play as the younger versions of Ryu and Ken as they travel and refine their skills by fighting against different opponents.

Street Fighter Legend of Ankatsuken 2

- To defend from the enemy's attacks, press the arrow keys on your keyboard ( UP, DOWN and RIGHT) when the screen goes black, depending on your enemy's stance.
- To attack, when the screen goes black, just press the arrow keys listed on the top left corner of the screen in the shown order.
- The GREEN BAR shows your health and the BLUE BAR shows your guard meter. When you block, the damage is subtracted by your guard meter instead of your health. You can recover your guard meter by using the "guard command", but remember: the more you use the guard command, the less your guard meter will be restored, so don't abuse it.
- The RED BAR shows your KI. If you have enough KI, you can perform some SUPER ARTS (much stronger than your regular combo attack). You can charge up your ki by attacking the enemy, or by successfully blocking his attacks.

Submitted by: Jack
Date: January 14, 2011
Hits: 33375
Street Fighter Legend of Ankatsuken 2

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