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A fan of sports? Play competitive and leisure team sports, athletics and extreme sports games on GamesPlz.com. They involve physical and tactical challenges like real sports that call for speed, strength, acceleration, accuracy, precision, and so on.

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American 9-Ball Pool
Play 9-Ball Pool tournaments, Challenges and Time Attacks. Win the cups to improve your pub ranking - are you good enough to be rank #1? This game has excellent billiards...
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Tiny Hawk
Tiny Hawk is a 2D platforming game on a skateboard. Get your momentum up. Grind, ollie and walljump your way through 32 levels. You can also test your skill by...
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Solipskier is a very fast paced skiing game where you have to draw the slopes to pick up speed and do jumps. Paint your own cliffs, do tricks and go...
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Water Fall Rush
Paddle your way to the finish line before time runs out. Pick up fruit and perform tricks for extra points and turbo speed. If you flip the kayak, you'll lose...
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7.4 (2)
Hurdle Turtle
"Slow and steady wins the race?" That's for chumps! For this turtle, it's all about pure speed and sweet spin jumps! Compete in the ultimate hurdle challenge solo, or take...
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