Online Baccarat for Australian Players

Baccarat is one of the most popular card games available online today. Australian players can login to their favourite online casino and they will be able to find a variety of different baccarat varieties available. Some online casinos also now have progressive baccarat games available and the best baccarat games has been developed by leading online casino software providers like Microgaming, Playtech, Net Entertainment and Realtime Gaming.

When you next visit a fully licensed Australian online casino, you will find that you can launch Baccarat either instantly in your browser or from within a download client and you will be able to experience playing this game either in the free play demo mode or in the real money mode. We recommend playing Baccarat in the free play mode just until you have familiarised yourself with the simple rules. It shouldn’t take you long to learn the rules and if you enjoy playing Blackjack you should also enjoy playing this fast-paced game.

The aim of this game is to place your money on a winning hand. You can place a wager on the winning hand being the banker’s hand, the player’s hand, or for the game to end in a tie. The cards will be dealt to the player and the banker and then you can find out the value of each hand simply by adding the two cards together. In some cases a third card may also be dealt to determine the winner. As soon as the cards have finished being dealt, the outcome of the round will instantly become apparent.

An ace in Baccarat is worth 1 point (not 1 or 11 points like in blackjack) and all of the numbered cards (2 through 9) are all worth their face value in points. A 10, Jack, Queen and King do not have a value and are therefore worth zero points. You must start by placing a bet and then as soon as you have added the amount of chips that you would like to play with, a new hand can begin. The player and the banker will then both be dealt two face up cards and a winner will be the person whose hand is closer to 9 points.

In Baccarat you ignore the value of the first digit (if the value of the hand is a two digit number). For example, if one hand contains a 6 and a 7, the hand would add up to 13 points, but the actual value of the hand would in fact be 3 points. Placing a bet on the winning hand will usually pay 2:1 and placing a bet on the outcome ending in a tie usually pays 9:1.